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7 Love Letter Ideas on lostuponatime.com

7 Prompts For Love Notes

Love notes are always nice, aren’t they? Fun to give, fun to receive- whether they are shared between lovers or friends. A simple “I love you”, or “you’re such a great friend” is hard to beat. It sure gets the point across. But a creative, personalized message is often more meaningful. If you’ve toyed with the idea of penning a sentiment of your own, but found yourself stuck on what to say, this post if for you.


7 Themes for Writing Love Notes on lostuponatime.com


Whomever you plan to write to, your relationship with that person is unique. You have experiences, jokes, and conversations in common. That’s where you’ll find your ideas. And, I’m willing to bet if you think about it for even just a little bit, you’ll find all sorts of quirks to work with. In my own adventure of writing love notes for my husband, I’ve found myself paying more attention for subtle clues. It’s a fun game. Kind of like a treasure hunt – minus the tropical islands and one-eyed pirates.

With a little adaptation, most of these ideas will work for any type of relationship.

(Be sure to print, pin, or bookmark this page so you can easily find it when you’re stuck for ideas.)


7 Theme Ideas

Ready? Here you go!

1-Song lyrics

Do you and your loved one “have a song”?  Is there a song that one of you adores? Or hates? Maybe there’s a tune that reminds you of a story; that concert you went to, or the song that was playing when you shared a great, or funny experience.

Songs lyrics are fun to play with. Try taking a well-known line and writing it out phonetically.

“And AyyyyyyeeeeAyyyyeeeAyyyy, will always love youuUUUUuu!”


Or, flex some creative license and change the words.

“Your love is better than ________, better than anything I’ve ever ________.”

(Mine would place coffee in the first blank, and foamed in the second. He’d get it. And yes, that’s quite the declaration coming from this coffee-lover.)


2- Sayings and Cliches

Everybody has phrases they tend to use frequently. (And sometimes they’re annoying, I know.) Try using your recipient’s jargon against them. Or even your own. I say the words “freaking”, “totally” and “fave” quite a bit. Some of my recent notes have read:

“You are so freaking amazing.”

“You? You are TOTALLY my fave.”

“You’ve got a great butt.”

(Well, he does.)

You could totally even try out a bad pick-up line. (Umm, yeah. You’re on your own there.) Or, a phrase you both find funny or thought provoking.


3- Quotes

Oh my goodness- this is fertile ground, my friends. Movies, philosophers, celebrities, authors. There’s an awful lot to choose from. While pulling a line from a well-loved flick is always a winner, “Luke, I am your father” (Ok, I honestly don’t know how you’d get that one into a love note, but please do try. Let me know how it works out for you.), the quotes I love best are the ones that make me think.


“Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.” – Elisabeth Elliot


That’s one of my go-to’s right now. Totally. (Heh. See what I did there?)

What does your dear-one need to hear? Something funny? Something powerful? If you’re stuck on ideas a quick google search will help you out. Oh, I love our dear friend, Google.

Try these:



If you’re like me and love to share the powerful word of God, here’s a great resource to find what you’re looking for:



7 Love Letter Ideas on lostuponatime.com


4-Memories & “Inside Jokes”

“No thanks, Nate.” That’s all he needs, and my hubs is immediately transported. Smiling, he remembers that day in the desert. The junk yard. The snake. And me, kindly refusing the joint the local guy offered as a sign of friendship. Or, because he thought I was cute.

You have shared experiences known only to you two. Dust them off and enjoy them again. Shine a little light on those stories that are part of your relationship. They’ve shaped you. You’ve gone through them together. Triumph, catastrophe, or hilarious goof-up; those stories shouldn’t be forgotten.

If you’re writing a note to a friend you’re not very close with – or maybe someone like your kiddo’s teacher – think of the experiences you can reference. You may have to ponder a bit, but there’s likely something you can use.


5-Hobbies/ Interests

Are you any good with puns? Corny jokes?

My Prince Charming loves cars; almost as much as breathing. I have heard more about rear ends, tie rods, and dog houses (yep, that’s a car thing) than I will ever absorb in my entire life. In truth, I couldn’t possibly care less about anything car-ish. (Except that mine be working.) But he loves the stuff!


“You are the nitrous to my engine.”

“Your love is like 7,000 ponies on the Dyno, Baby. Un. Real.”


Cheesy? Yup. Effective? Well, he rolls his eyes, chuckles, and smiles. So, yeah. I’d say so.

If you’re lost on your intended’s hobbies, use your own. As long as they’re aware of your interest, it’s fair game. For instance, I love spinning yarn. (Don’t ask me why. I just do.) Prince Charming bought me my spinning wheel several years ago, as a surprise. And I treasure it.  I have since fantasized about having my own flock of sheep in our yard, much to his great torment. Occasionally though, I’ll look longingly into those grey-green eyes of his and whisper,

“I love you more than wool.”  

Hey. It’s a big deal.


On Writing Love Notes, on lostuponatime.com


6- Character & Personality

What do you admire about this person? What do they do well? What are they a natural for – that you can’t hold a candle to?

Think about their circumstances. Is there anything they need to hear? Think in terms of encouragement, not instruction. This isn’t the time to slip in a passive-aggressive “hint”. Even a well intended one.

Speaking of encouragement, what are their weaknesses? How can you build them up? Sometimes, the written word speaks more powerfully than lips do.


7- Stories

This one’s for the adventurous. But be warned. It’s definitely more work.

Write out a story, but break it up over several days. Try writing about the time you met, or fought and made-up, or create a story about what your dog thinks about your sweetie. Stories are only the beginning here. Poetry and passages of scripture also work well.

Delivery is half the fun. You can hide notes in the same spot over a span of time. You can snail-mail the story, bit by bit, several days apart. Send your shnookums on a hunt around your home to find portions of your story, one at a time. Include tips on where to find the next piece.


Give It A Shot

There you have it, friend. Seven ideas for writing love notes. No matter how complicated or simple the message, a love note is going to bring light into your dear-one’s day. Even if it’s just for a moment. You matter to them. They matter to you. Your relationship is absolutely worth the effort, Friend. Take a minute, and just try out one of these ideas. Then, let me know what worked for you in the comment section below. I’d love to read your thoughts!




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