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Turquoise and pearl angel wings scrap wood art, by Lost Upon A Time, Vintage Acorn Cabinet, and other vintage items

Angels and Acorns

If you’re from the area, you won’t be surprised at all to learn we’ve been without internet since Wednesday. Violent winds tore through our countryside with a vengeance. We lost power for most of Wednesday, but were fortunate that it was restored that evening. Too many of our friends are still (~4 days later~) without electricity; which means no heat and no water in these parts.

I’d finished up the first round of angel wings and prepped several great pieces for our booth at Hudsonville Antiques. But due to losing connection, I couldn’t tell you about any of it. Better late than never, right?

Angel Wings

red and metallic scrap wood angel wing art, by lost upon a time

Tadaaa!!! Finally. They really deserve a blog post of their own… and may in fact get one. But in the mean time, here’s the skinny.

The wings are available in two forms; the inner piece (no good pictures yet- yet.), and the outer shape. The inner pieces are currently $25 a set. They are available in pearled white, turquoise, and red.

The outer framed shape is $50. They are available in White & Gold/Bronze, Turquoise & Pearl White, and Red & Pearled Wood. (“Pearled Wood” is the best I could come up with for wood that’s given a silvery metallic paint wash and then distressed. Any better ideas?)


close-up of white and metallic scrap wood angel wing wall art, by lost upon a time

Other colors are available, just let me know what you need.

white and metallic scrap wood angel wing art, by lost upon a time


turquoise and pearl scrap wood angel wing art, vintage accessories, and vintage Acorn brand file cabinet


I have the first set hanging up at the shop, and boy do they look great!


The Lost uPon A Time booth at Hudsonville Antiques


At the Shop

This week, I brought in one of my favorite finds. This vintage Acorn brand filing cabinet has charm galore. (It’s also in the booth photos above.) Those drawers, people. It’s and artist’s dream for storage – brushes & bottles up top; pencils, pens, charcoal, etc. in those delightful drawers. It would work well for tools, makeup and jewelry, perhaps even as a sewing box.


the drawers on the Acorn brand vintage file box


The top latch is a bit sticky, but it does work. And it’s rusty-looking bottom is totally solid. Better than mine by a long shot.


the top opened up on the vintage Acorn file box


In honor of spring, I brought in a few of the birds nests Prince Charming and I have collected over the years. We have lots of trees, therefore lots of birds. I just love them, and thought you might too.


stacked birds' nests


Through my years of collecting vinatge sewing patterns, I’ve amassed odd papers, pattern pieces, reciepts and more. I have a soft spot for old ephemera. So, I’ve stacked together some bundles for all you makers out there. Or for those who just love old papers.


an old sewing pattern piece made from a newspaper clipping


bundles of vintage sewing pattern pieces and miscellaneous papers

Stop by and tour the shop, if you can. Things move quickly. If you’d like a set of angel wings, but can’t make it to our booth, drop me a line.

Have a great weekend!


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