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White peony bloom with insect


Sara is her name; I remember her face. And her children’s faces. Her words. Her photographs. Her dreams.

Her blog, Farmama, was deeply inspiring. She and I shared so many common interests- but she was living the life I only dreamed about. Her world fascinated me. Just by her nature, she attracted a community who fed a part of their souls by reading the posts she shared. She was honest, vulnerable, creative.

Still adjusting to a country life myself, I gleaned some know-how and motivation reading through her pages; a warm mug of coffee in my hands. And then one day, she, being herself in a purely authentic way, closed down her blog because of her full and beautiful life. I was glad for her, and sad for myself. All her readers felt the same.

It was the beauty that drew me in. Sara, her husband, her children- they didn’t live a charmed life. They had hardships and sadness, and routine like everyone else. But she noticed beauty. And she shared it.

No matter how we define it, we’re allured by loveliness. But we were designed to be. Isn’t the LORD Himself the source of beauty? Our intrinsic need for Him is both whetted and yet somehow fleetingly satisfied when we encounter beauty. An amazing guitar solo. A breathtaking painting. Freshly baked bread. A captivating person. His fingerprints are everywhere.

There are others bloggers who inspire me with beauty- in words and images. In their creativity. I haven’t quite figured out how to write both beautifully, and instructively at the same time; but I’m working on it. Whether through humor or poignancy, I hope to add beauty to your life, the way others have poured it into mine.

Some of my favorite posts Farmama would share were just her photographs; quite literally snapshots of her week. So tonight, I thought I might do the same for you. But mine are snapshots through my garden. Taken this evening, in the light of dusk. I wish you could have been with me. Friend, it was beautiful.

Yellow blooms on silver stems and leaves



White peony bloom with insect

The peonies smell heavenly. These hungry little bugs think so too.

Close-up of Lamb's Ear leaves and blossoms

Leaves as soft as velvet.


Pink buds on purple coral bells in the garden



Green buds on purple coral bells plant



Burgundy Bachelor button flower in bloom

The first of my winter-sown seedlings to bloom this season.

Have a beautiful week.




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