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Love notes: on the fifth day

Work boots.

Redwings. He wears them every day. Well, except to church on Sundays. They’re well worn; molded to his feet. He has a winter pair and a summer pair. There’s an old “junk” pair included in the rotation somewhere. I can never keep straight which is which.

He lives his life in these boots. Fairy tale princes may ride in on brilliant white steeds and clad in shining armor, but mine pulls his half-ton pick up into our dirt drive way and hops out dressed in torn jeans and steel-toes.

Today’s love note sits inside one of those pairs of boots.

love notes lostuponatime.com

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Love Notes: Day 4


Yesterday’s post got me to thinking. Not only about love notes I’ve been given, but also the handmade birthday cards, and get-well-soon cards. Quick notes, and random smiley faces somebody had scribbled down just for me. There’s something more permanent, more significant about a sentiment you can touch, than a text or e-mail that carries the same message. Don’t you think?

If you could get a kind note from anyone, who would it be? What would it say? In that quiet closet, deep within your heart, what are the words you’re most wanting to hear? I wonder that myself. I usually try to stay out of those closets; it’s too easy to get locked inside them and lose perspective. But I can’t help wondering… Perhaps there are common themes among us.  Read more…

Love Notes: Day 3

My plan is working.

He found his second one last night. With a half-grin he looked my way and asked, “So, what’s with the love notes?” I smiled, and continued brushing my teeth.

I finished day three, this morning. My goal is to work ahead, so I’ve begun tomorrow’s as well. I’m having SO much fun with these notes. They’re low pressure, unlike the assignments we’d get in art class, where you dive in expecting to blow your peers and prof away with your exceptional work. Yeah. Never happened.

Love notes are fun. Doodles; poorly spaced and wonky.


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love note revolution lostuponatime.com

Love Notes: a heartfelt revolution

Love Notes.

The (re)start of something great.

Handsome Prince and I have never been much for Valentine’s Day. In all honesty, I think it’s because I’ve long hated the idea. A holiday so full of obligations and expectations (on the heels of Christmas) – there’s not really much about love at all. But real love, genuine love, SHOULD be celebrated. With gusto! Read more…

cut pieces of wood, laying on a table covered with drop cloth

DIY Snowflakes and Christmas Trees

Hello, Friends!

Sending you tidings of great joy and yuletide cheer from the land of Unrelenting Wind. Sheesh! Can you hear that? I swear my pine trees are bending down to touch their toes out there. Speaking of toes, if somehow this wind gets really ugly and I land myself in Oz, I’m hoping for a pair of ruby slippers. I mean, come on. They’re red. Read more…

Watercolor paint and glue

Watercolor Paint and Glue- a super fun technique to try

We have 3 Moms between Prince Charming and I; one out of state, one out of the country, and one 6 miles down the road with 8 kids that call her “Mom”, and a slew of grandkids and great-grandkids. Whew! She’s never sitting home, waiting for us to call. So, for Mother’s Day, we all pile into her kitchen, bearing cards and gifts. She loads the counters full of homemade pies and carafes of hot coffee. ‘Cause it’s Mom.

This year, I wanted to celebrate our Moms with some handcrafted amazingness. And, I failed. BUT! I did get to play with paints and glue and learn a few things. Read more…

Our (teeny) Budget Bathroom Makeover, Part 2

Hey there! Were you in suspense after reading Tuesday’s post? You lost sleep, didn’t you? Yeah… sorry ’bout that. I fully intended to post Part 2 yesterday. However, I ran into some tech issues and spent the day learning that I don’t know squat. But never fear! We are back with part 2 of Our (teeny) Budget Bathroom Makeover.

our teeny budget bathroom makeover, part 2

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Our Budget Bathroom Makeover, part 1

When I moved into my husband’s home almost 7 years ago, it was a total bachelor pad. He used the home as a place to eat and sleep, and the rest of his time was spent out in the barn, or working 60+ hours a week. The weeks leading up to our wedding involved a major plumbing overhaul (thanks Dad!), and some pretty intense cleaning (thanks Mom!). The place was quite neglected long before Prince Charming took ownership. As such, I’ve run into my share of mouse spines and old termite damage in my efforts to give it some love.

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