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Love Notes: a heartfelt revolution

Love Notes.

The (re)start of something great.

Handsome Prince and I have never been much for Valentine’s Day. In all honesty, I think it’s because I’ve long hated the idea. A holiday so full of obligations and expectations (on the heels of Christmas) – there’s not really much about love at all. But real love, genuine love, SHOULD be celebrated. With gusto! Read more…


Six Tips for Better Time Management with Autoimmune Disease

Happy New Year, Friends!

Has 2016 begun well for you?

Looking back on the last twelve months, I’m pretty amazed at all that can happen in just one year. You too? Each January, I mull over the gains and losses, and lessons learned of the last twelve months. Then I look ahead to the coming months and set goals. I’m not a resolution maker. Instead, I establish priorities. I choose what I want to focus on in different areas of my life; for instance -spiritually, health-wise, business, home making, marriage, etc. There’s always some area that needs intentional growth. Okay, several. Lots. Alright, I need to grow up. Moving on.

Do you reflect back over the year before looking ahead?

One area I’m forever struggling with is in maintaining a routine. Time management can be an elusive white unicorn for anyone, I know. But it seems to come more naturally for some folks than for others. I am an “other”. Read more…

Statue of the virgin Mary

Like a Virgin… Sure, Who Doesn’t?

Here in the States, ’tis the season for local radio stations to interrupt their regularly scheduled programming to play songs, around the clock, about some old guy in strange clothes, entering illegally into your home, leaving suspicious packages for you to find. Hmm. It’s the only time of year EVERYONE loves snow so much, that entire ballads are written about it. And virgins! Oh, never are virgins as hip as during Christmas time. Everybody, pro-virgin or not, sings about virgins. Gotta love a virgin.

Read more…

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It’s good to have goals

I’ve put on a bit of weight this year; I’d say 10 pounds or so. I blame middle-age, several rounds of prednisone, and fatigue that renders me almost bedridden. Thankfully, the prednisone is out of my life (for now), and the fatigue is at bay. However, at some point during my last flare-up, I lost my thigh muscles. I can’t find them anywhere. Mind you, I have plenty, plenty, of thigh. Just no muscle.

With any move I make, I jiggle. Parts I never knew I had are jiggling. It’s a funny feeling. *blink*…Whoa! Did my eyelids just quiver? Read more…

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When I say go… Joshua 1

It’s hard to know what to do; where to put your effort. For some folks that comes easy. For me, not so much. I really take my faith seriously. Following Christ colors every part of my life. Yet that “following” part isn’t always crystal clear. Life is demanding. Priorities get confused; and soon each day yields a muddled mess of dishes, meals, errands, to-do lists and a prayer that it was all worth something. A friend of mine once sent me a beautiful quote (that I can’t find now) saying that Christ is found among the pots and pans as much as He is in the sanctuary. I love that truth. Yes, He is ever-present. Yet, while I know I have to do my dishes (and I hate doing them), shouldn’t there be something bigger?  Read more…

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You’re Kind of a Big Deal


How’s your week been? Good? Bad? Meh?

Over in our little corner of the world, we’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster. Highs, lows, and definitely some unexpected twists. Thankfully though, no one’s puked so far.

Well, wherever you are, whatever part of the track you’re on in your ride, it matters. You matter. That’s easy to forget, so here’s a little PSA for ya, friend.

You were created with intention. For a purpose. Your life, your experiences- they have meaning. The good and the bad. The meh. Think back to what’s made you who you are. What have you over come? What battles are you still fighting?

There’s only one of you. You have a story.

Take a listen here. I promise you’ll love the music, you’ll love Morgan’s voice, you’ll love her hat. But it’s the words that’ll fill your soul.

Be reminded that your story matters, because you’re part of the bigger story. Your life is a thread in the fabric the Master Weaver has designed. Without you, without your story, that cloth falls apart.

Own it. Shine. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just real.


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Building Marriage Simply: when you’re overwhelmed

We are as different as could be. He loves to wreck things, I love to make things. He’s mindful of details, but I’m a big picture kind of gal. He’s a metal head. Metal all the way. He can hear a snippet of a guitar solo and tell you who’s playing, what album it’s from and where he was when he first heard it. Me? I love all kinds of music, especially old jazz and swing. Those jives speak to my soul. I’m comfortable with a microphone in my face, being on stage. He, on the other hand, would rather die painfully.

Read more…

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Sticky Hope

I quit my job yesterday. A job I loved. This tired body just can’t do it anymore. I don’t have to tell you how devastating that is. We seem to be wading through the Swamp of Bad News lately. It’s too foggy to see an end right now, and we’re tired. But I know we’ll find the other side. We will- it’s there.

And how are you? Is it sunshine and roses in your neighborhood? Your friends and family- are they well? Read more…

Lizard Eye, by Lost Upon A Time

Home is where…

“So”, he said. “You miss Arizona yet?”

The question was obviously meant for me. But at the same time I answered “Nope”, he chimed in with “Yes!” We were hanging out with his parents, sitting at the kitchen table and talking about the weather. It’s been an awfully cold winter. Bitter cold. Local readers of the Farmers Almanac all warned us it would be.

My father-in-law wanted to know if I’d had enough of the cold weather that hammers these northern midwest states. I’d spent most of my life living “out west”, as they say here. Southern Arizona had been my home for a long, long time. Leaving the dangers of sunstroke & dehydration for frostbite has certainly been an experience. But I didn’t miss the desert. My husband, who’s lived here his whole life, would move there in a heartbeat if he could. Read more…