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It’s cold. So I’m singing.

As a long-time fan of old American Standards (think Rogers and Hammerstein, Irving Berlin, Ella Fitzgerald singing the American Songbooks), Rosemary Clooney is in my CD collection. I’m a sucker for those tunes.

While Suzy Snowflake isn’t my favorite by any means, it is catchy. And today, it’s snowing.

You know, they say that when you’re a blogger you should establish yourself as an expert. And when you’re a maker, people like to see your process. So, here I am being an expert wierdo, while standing in the snow and creatively singing at my phone.

I hope you like it!


Stay warm, Friends!


Watercolor paint and glue

Watercolor Paint and Glue- a super fun technique to try

We have 3 Moms between Prince Charming and I; one out of state, one out of the country, and one 6 miles down the road with 8 kids that call her “Mom”, and a slew of grandkids and great-grandkids. Whew! She’s never sitting home, waiting for us to call. So, for Mother’s Day, we all pile into her kitchen, bearing cards and gifts. She loads the counters full of homemade pies and carafes of hot coffee. ‘Cause it’s Mom.

This year, I wanted to celebrate our Moms with some handcrafted amazingness. And, I failed. BUT! I did get to play with paints and glue and learn a few things. Read more…

Our (teeny) Budget Bathroom Makeover, Part 3

With any project, especially of the DIY kind, come great opportunities for learning. Learning through failure, that is. (You like where this is going already, don’t you?) DIY-ing on a budget, for instance an extremely tight budget -like ours, presents it’s own set of difficulties. You’ve heard the expression, “you get what you pay for”, right? Well, what if you can’t pay for hardly anything?  What happens when you can’t afford to be very choosy?

budget bathroom makeover- part 3 Read more…