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Conquering The Laundry Room

Ugh. Why is it so hard to finish just one room? I know, I know… money & time. I don’t know about you, but currently we have neither.


It’s tempting to throw in the towel and pout. Some days, that’s all the maturity I can muster. Maybe you’re on the same road we are- where your home, your sanctuary, is anything but a place of peace. Sure, most places you look around here are ugly or unfinished. But then there are those major repairs that are super urgent and extreeeemely expensive. We feel like we’re trying to extinguish blazing infernos with squirt guns.

I’d rather sit on the couch and eat marshmallows. (And occasionally I do.)


laundry room in progress


We totally planned to reno our dungeon of a laundry room eventually. It was zilch on light, had a lousy floor plan, and was the very definition of wasted space. Storage was just scary. It was a very awkward room. But it’s in the back of the house, and we never really “hung-out” in there. So it was on the Someday Plan.

Until the toilet clogged. It seemed simple at first. But before we knew it, the whole room and adjoining septic system had to be ripped apart. If we were going to make any changes, now was the time.

Thankfully, my folks were in town, and Prince Charming’s parents live just up the road. Both our dads are mega-handy; and love to help their kiddos in dire need.

That was several years ago. We have new electrical, plumbing that does not involve duct tape (major bonus), great lighting and excellent space planning. We even have a dedicated space for a shower! Because of this project, I’ve learned how to tape and mud drywall corners. I did all the texture, priming and painting. I felt pretty good about myself.


Trim, doorway, window treatment coming soon...

And then years passed. We still have no floor, no trim, no shelving, no shower, etc…  It’s embarrassing, I’ll admit.

But I’ve decided to plow through what I can. It’s the best room in the whole house. If we can get that one finished, it’ll give us confidence to tackle (and, umm, completethe others.


The sink was brought up from our basement. It needs to put on a skirt.


The outlets and switches are in. Now it’s onto the cabinet top. Small maybe, but it’s progress.

Lord, help me to see the things I CAN do. Help me to keep from dwelling on what we don’t have or can’t take care of now. Help us wait on You to provide, in Your time. Help us to really grow while we work to make our home our home. Help us to be content with all the abundance we DO have. Really, just help us. We need You.

What do you do to stay motivated? Especially in the middle of big, unplanned projects?


A laundry list of sorts



  1. Jill Perkins says:

    Great inspiring story of your laundry room. Thank you for sharing this fun and encouraging journey we us that visit your fabulous site..

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