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Dachshund silhouette wall art and text "Meet Moxie."

Dachshund Wall Art

Whew! We’ve been busy over here in these parts. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve peeked inside my workshop and may have even caught a glimpse of this guy. Albeit a blurry, poorly lit glimpse.

reclaimed wood cut out in a dachshund silhouette

Meet Moxie. (Rhymes with Doxie… get it? You’re laughing, I’m sure of it.)

wood pieces for dachshund silhouette painted, stained and laying out to cure.

Moxie was inspired by my good friend, M. This gal is a giver and a doer. She’s the one that drops everything at a moment’s notice to help a friend, (or stranger for that matter), in need. She’s the life of every party. No, I take that back. M is the party. She’s got a laugh that’s infectious and she’s not afraid to use it. M has taught me a lot,  A LOT, about what it means to be a friend. And she has really cool hair.

She’s also a dog person. A three dachshund person, to be specific. And if you ask me, those little dudes are hilarious. Curious. Goofy. They are FULL of personality (hello- they are M’s pups afterall.) While spending time recently at M’s house painting a mural, I had the joy of watching her and her dogs. Or, rather, they watched me. But anyway.

M’s home is this fantastic mix of class and quirk. She has a well-curated blend of vintage and farm antiques, and super creative displays and… just awesomeness. Friends, it’s seriously cool. This lady’s got style.

I’m really honored that she’s so excited about this piece. (Huge compliment!)

Moxie’s color palette here is a nod to old red barns, and chipped and fading vintage finishes. The contrast between the foreground and background colors is cheery – just like those inquisitive, bouncing little hot dogs.

Finished dachshund silhouette wall art, leaning against brick wall

This piece was made from both new and salvaged wood. The outer frame was built from a new 1×2. The front pieces were leftover boards from another carpentry shop. Palette wood, discarded trim, and burn pile rescues make up the rest of the piece.

edge of framed dachshund wall art

If you really look at it, you’ll see that not everything lines up perfectly. Some edges and curves are rough. Some boards aren’t quite straight. But their character and imperfection is what I like about them.

Finding potential in scrap wood is not unlike finding it in an unwanted pup. It’s just worth saving. There’s some life yet to be lived. M knows this first hand. However, her dachshund wall art won’t bark or have to be let outside. Nor will it be naughty. And we know how cute pups like to be naughty.

Would you like a Moxie for your home or office? Maybe in another color scheme? You can order your very own here.


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