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cut pieces of wood, laying on a table covered with drop cloth

DIY Snowflakes and Christmas Trees

Hello, Friends!

Sending you tidings of great joy and yuletide cheer from the land of Unrelenting Wind. Sheesh! Can you hear that? I swear my pine trees are bending down to touch their toes out there. Speaking of toes, if somehow this wind gets really ugly and I land myself in Oz, I’m hoping for a pair of ruby slippers. I mean, come on. They’re red.

More likely, however, I’ll have lots of branches to pick up tomorrow. We’re having the warmest winter since _____ (go ahead and insert a year of your choice. Preferably pre-1980’s. It sounds more impressive.) Two years ago, it was the heaviest snow since the Great Blizzard of ’78. Last year, November’s snowfall broke all-time records. This year, we have no snow. This is somehow a sign of apocalyptic proportions; just ask… oh, anyone really. Me? I like the variety. And I like ruby slippers. Not so much Toto, though. I’m more of a big dog kind of person. Unless he’s bringing me those ruby shoes- that’s different.

Snow or not, Christmas is coming. I don’t go crazy with holiday decorations. In fact, so much of what I try to put up every year is just… clutter. You know? It feels obligatory; I don’t even like some of it. What the heck am I doing? I’ve kind of felt stymied with the whole business.

Until I saw this:

How To Make A Wooden Snowflake


And this:



OOoooOOOooo!!!  Who is the genius who came up with these?

If you haven’t heard of My Altered State, you’re missing out. This gal is INCREDIBLE. She has some fantastic designs, plus her posts are a pleasure to read. She’s a true artist, with both words and wood. And she doesn’t like math- which won me over right there. While meandering around her blog, soaking in all the inspiration, I spied with my little eye this cutie:

DIY Lighted Holiday Tree


Guys, I had to make these snowflakes and this tree. Had. To. I even knew where I would put them- miracle of miracles. I always seem to make stuff -more for the experience, I guess- and then have not a darn clue what to do with it. Staging is not my strength. Or maybe it’s planning. Hmm.

I started with the tree. This was my first foray into cutting angles. Easy-peasy, my friends! The whole process from cutting, painting, to assembly went fairly smooth. Worth noting, it’s remarkably satisfying to stab a block of wood repeatedly with a driver bit and bore holes.  You’ll be glad I told you. I sanded the bottom of the lower half, per instructions. However, I wish I hadn’t as I now have a wobbling slightly rocking Christmas Tree. Not my vibe.

All in all, I’m thrilled with our new little lighted tree. We gave our 6 footer away last year to a loving home. We certainly don’t need a tree, but it’s nice to have something. This guy fits the bill.

DIY Christmas Tree

See? I’ve got some work to do in the staging department.

I loved it so much, I started on a couple smaller ones. They’re awaiting some stain, before they make their debut.

Next came the snowflakes. Pauline does a great job of explaining how to make a wooden snowflake. (Hello, she even has a video to walk you through the process. See? She’s amazing.) The finished piece looks faaaarrr more complex than it is. There were even more new angles involved this time; and you know? There’s a WHOLE WORLD of DIY awesomeness that becomes available when you bring angles into the equation. Wait- I just used “angles” and “equation” together. Oh my gosh, what’s happening to me?! Guys, I found myself googling all sorts of geometry questions while waiting for paint to dry. Which lead me to discover that the 60 degree angle on my miter saw isn’t actually a 60 degree angle. But I digress.

DIY snowflakes

 Yes, all the angles of a triangle must add up 180 degrees.


I made three snowflakes total. They have what we call “character” around here. I love them. They’re just the beginning I’m sure. We may have an indoor blizzard soon, given how fun they are to make.


DIY snowflakes


Christmas season always carries with it mixed feelings. Is it that way for you? For this girl, I think I craved something new. Fresh and unattached. Pieces that acknowledge the season, but without the weight of old memories. My photographs are lousy, I know. But there’s a lot of coziness, a sense of home, in this spot. And, I tried staging. Behold, my lantern collection.


DIY snowflakes



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