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Hey. It’s been awhile.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed. I wouldn’t blame you- consistency isn’t one of my strengths, let’s just be honest here. But I’ve missed you. Missed this– this whole blogging bit. The planning, writing, photographing and editing, wishing I knew what I was doing… It was beginning to feel like Lost Upon A Time was gaining traction. My workflow was becoming more efficient, and I was learning SO much. One of my scrap wood designs is even going to be featured in a legitimate magazine! That’s huge to me!

But we had a change of plans.

You know how it is. You have to choose what stays in your life and what has to go- even if it’s only temporary. Lost Upon A Time got moved from back burner to back burner while we adjusted, Handsome Prince and I. But it’s always been on my mind.



I find myself with very little time these days- time for creating. Time for making. For dreaming. You understand, don’t you? When whatever it is that makes your heart come alive is far from your life, your soul grows dry. Parched. Dirty dishes, I don’t care about. My papers don’t have to be put away. Maybe you thrive in establishing and maintaining order. (And if you do, we need to talk. I’d love some pointers.) But, I come alive when there’s dirt under my nails, sawdust in my hair, and charcoal or ink on my nose. When I’m pouring out deep thoughts on paper or keyboard. Or when I’m letting out the music that pulses through my veins 24/7 with all of my might.

Lost Upon A Time is that outlet. Or in the very least, a part of it. I’m not exactly sure where this train is headed, but I think that’s best for now. I’ve tried to pigeonhole my blog before, and it’s suffocating. I’m creatively claustrophobic.


So what will you see here?

Well, hopefully, more content. (You’re laughing, right?) And a change of focus.

We still have our booth, where we sell the unique goods Prince Charming finds in his side-hustle of scrapping. There are some really crazy things, some funny, others fascinating. There’s so much beauty in overlooked “junk”, and I’ll tell you about our adventures and finds. I’ll show you what I make from them, and how they’re used. You’ll also see what other creative projects I’m working on. I’ll share plans, successes, and failures as I’m able.


You’ll know what’s inspiring me- I want you to be inspired. There’s so much unseen beauty, so much we take for granted in our day-to-day. I don’t want us to miss it! I’ll share what’s challenging my thinking, causing growth, and keeping me motivated. Because… Don’t you want that too? Aren’t you weary? Numb to those things that matter, the ONE who matters most, from trying to keep up in life? There’s too much noise. So much noise that His still, quiet voice gets muffled by louder demands for our attention. It surrounds all of us. I just want us to see Him, to hear Him.

There’s gold in the gravel of our everyday.

And I’ll keep writing about health, lifestyle, and home. I don’t have a posting schedule, or an editorial calendar worked out. You won’t see me in your inbox like clockwork. I’ll do what I can and when I can.

Well, that’s it, I think. I just wanted to check in, and let you know I’ve missed you.


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