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Like a Virgin… Sure, Who Doesn’t?

Here in the States, ’tis the season for local radio stations to interrupt their regularly scheduled programming to play songs, around the clock, about some old guy in strange clothes, entering illegally into your home, leaving suspicious packages for you to find. Hmm. It’s the only time of year EVERYONE loves snow so much, that entire balladsĀ are written about it. And virgins! Oh, never are virgins as hip as during Christmas time. Everybody, pro-virgin or not, sings about virgins. Gotta love a virgin.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Christmas tunes; Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby, Pavarotti’s Ave Maria, and that song about a Hippopotamus. I like that one too. Every year, I watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (the old Rankin-Bass one). White Christmas plays on our VCR (yep, VCR), and I break out the Amy Grant Christmas recordĀ I’ve loved since I was a child. I even sing with the “skips”. Then there’s the Jackson 5 Christmas album. Always a fave.


But I look out at the world, on the other side of this holiday bubble, and see such sadness. Near and far the desperation is astounding. It looks so hopeless. Strong efforts to not offend only serve to inflame, and evil seeps into every nook and corner of the world like an invisible vapor. Don’t you feel that tension? The uncertainty?


We were promised hope. Peace on Earth. It sure doesn’t look that way now, I know. But I look ahead, not in blind faith or foolish illusions. But in confidence. I am confident because I know. I know that peace is coming. HE is coming. The very Prince of Peace.

The first time this song entered into my ears, I loved it. Have you heard it yet? I love her voice, her style, the melody and and how the musicians played it. It’s beautiful. But it was the lyrics, rich with meaning, that stole my heart. I hope you’ll listen. Think on it. And Merry Christmas.





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