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The Christmas Mantle line as it was intended... WITH the snowflake.

The Little Snowflake That Wouldn’t

Remember that inspiring story from childhood- The Little Engine That Could? Even now, you remember it’s message of knowing that you can. Don’t give up!

On that note, allow me to introduce you to The Little Snowflake That Wouldn’t. It’s story is uninspiring. It doesn’t give a rip, and just. Plain. Refuses.


See originally, the Christmas Mantle Line was not a trio. There were four beautiful parts to that holiday harmony. Snowflake, in fact, was a founding member. One of the first concepts. Alas, fame got to his head and he just couldn’t take the pressure. Or perhaps more truthfully, I couldn’t get my saw to make the curves, and after multiple failed attempts, I gave up hope and just wanted the darn thing done.

The Christmas Mantle line as it was intended... WITH the snowflake.

I’m one who decorates more for seasons than specific holidays, so I wanted to create a line that could adorn your home long after the tree was down, without looking out of place.

It took many tries to come up with the right design. It had to be easily cut- for several reasons: I use a jigsaw, not a scroll saw. Thus, I can only cut so much detail. And secondly, the Christmas Mantle line was set at a lower price point than my large silhouettes. The more time involved, the higher the cost. Also, the shape had to allow a decent amount of the wood underneath to show through.

After many sketches and poking through examples, I stumbled upon an old photograph of a snowflake in development. It was just beautiful. I based my final design off of that snowflake, and I’m quite happy with it. (Still!)

The prototype for my snowflake design

But no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get clean cuts. The face of my board quickly became marred and my curves were pretty wonky and uneven. Then I couldn’t sand those tiny spaces; even with special tools and, umm, “ingenuity”.

It looked dorky.

closeup of the snowflake


With plenty of earlier designs tossed on my burn pile, I was determined to see this one through. So, I started prepping my awkward little cutout for the next step. Bless its heart.

Then… POP!

A chunk of the design snapped clean off, just before painting. At this point, I likely muttered something naughty. Of course, assembly didn’t go well, either. My corners ended up woefully misaligned. Tell me, how does a snowflake become woeful?

(When you’re shoveling billions of them. Yes, I know.)


Woefully aligned corners on my snowflake design


That little piece that snapped off? I didn’t even try to cover up the nail head. Flat-out didn’t care. In fact, IT FELT GOOD shooting that thing into place.

The reattached piece of my wooden snowflake


I finished it, Friend. It isn’t pretty, but I finished it. And I hope that by next year, I’ll be ready to tackle the snowflake design, and do it well. On the upside, I’ve learned a few things- which is always a bonus. Three cheers for having a head start on Christmas 2017!

Follow this link to see the designs that did make it into my Christmas line.

Until next time, Friend!








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