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Lockers for Home Storage

One of the home organization trends I’m loving right now, is the clever re-use of lockers for storage. You might keenly remember your high school days: shoving your back pack, lunch, and science project into your assigned unit, then grabbing your math book before slamming the door and running to class. You hated that class.

Anywho. Lockers are finding new life as home storage pieces, with an industrial flair. And in some cases, that includes the scribbles and stickers from their old days.

Vintage House: Delicious Inspiration: (Click here for Photo Source)

Where to use them

Garage & Mudroom

Lockers are the perfect places to keep coats, boots, and outdoor equipment. A friend of mine has a set in her garage, just for this purpose. All that bulky winter gear is nicely tucked away, but still easily accessible. It’s a win-win for her.

Along the same lines, they are a great dropzone solution for your mudroom or entryway. It’s likely your kids already know how to use them. Assign a unit to each family member, and you won’t have to look far for keys, soccer shoes, or the umbrella. Warm up their industrail tone with some well placed decor above and beside the units. Paint them! Or even strip them down and show off their metallic sheen.

Old School Lockers Made New(photo source)


I’m seeing a lot of these units show up in bathrooms. You’ve got to admit, they make for a pretty smart organization solution. Especially in kids’ bathrooms. We all remember the lockers from high school gym class. These babies were made for humid areas! They’re sturdy and ventialted.

What’s not to love?

(Click for photo source.) 

Bathroom Storage: College vintage lockers, With recycled first aid kits adjourned together for classy bathroom inspiration.
photo source)

Kitchen and Dining

Multilevel locker units are AMAZING in these spaces! Hello, coolest coffee/bar cart E.V.E.R! Add casters for mobility and you’ve got yourself a super stylish tool for entertaining. Keep those large Coscto-sized purchases in a set of lockers. Because really, where are you supposed to go with that mega-jug of vinegar anyway? Even linens, extra serving sets, etc. can all live happily tucked away until they’re needed next.

vintage metal lockers with reclaimed wood top on casters // industrial bar storage cabinet // kitchen island.: (Original photo source could not be located.)

Living Spaces

This reimagining is one of my favorites. Tipped on its side, with the addition of casters and perhaps a top, a locker unit becomes a multipurpose bench. Or side table. Or coffee table. Toys, magazines, blankets and pillows- there are so many options for storage! A piece like this would make a smart game table.

72 Inch Repurposed Vintage Steel Locker Console by wesbenn on Etsy(click for photo source)

There are countless ways to use lockers at home. Even on your porch or home office. They’re so functional. And they’re an unexpected element; just what makes repurposed decor so fun.

Industrial Home Offices That Blow Your Mind(Click here for photo source)

We’ve stocked a few sets in our booth space at Hudsonville Antiques. We have more than we have room for at the shop, so we’ve priced ours to sell. (Because I want my garage back.) They’re running between $50 and $65 right now, so stop in before they’re gone! If you’re not in the area, or can’t make it to the shop, contact me and I’ll let you know what we have left.

I’m anxious to spruce up my own mudroom space with a set of these, this spring. If you’re looking for more ideas on styling lockers, or how to incorporate indstrial style into your home, check out my Pinterest board.

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