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Love Notes: a heartfelt revolution

Love Notes.

The (re)start of something great.

Handsome Prince and I have never been much for Valentine’s Day. In all honesty, I think it’s because I’ve long hated the idea. A holiday so full of obligations and expectations (on the heels of Christmas) – there’s not really much about love at all. But real love, genuine love, SHOULD be celebrated. With gusto!

My Prince and I, we have real love. The messy, difficult, rewarding, committed kind of love. Neither of us have the life we envisioned when we said our vows, as we’ve both had some big blows to weather. But we’ve stuck together. We’re on the same team. Fingers intertwined (though occasionally clenched, I’ll admit), we’re moving forward. And you know, that’s pretty crazy awesome!

The first few years of our marriage, I wrote love notes to him. Every work day. I’d stick them in his lunchbox to find later in the afternoon when the hours were dragging by. They were always signed with a heart and an M. Sometimes I’d write scripture verses, sometimes I’d write something sexy. The short message might have been funny, or heartfelt, or just something I loved about him. There were love notes that simply read, “I love you”.

He’s kept every one of them.

They were little tokens of love. Tangible evidence of what’s in the heart. And they need to make a comeback. STAT.

29 Days

So, here’s the plan. Each day in February, my Prince Charming will get a handmade love note. Honestly, I’d love to commit to Every! Day! This! Year! But… we’ll start small. As in shortest month of the year, small. Overachiever, I know.

Want to join me? Write notes of encouragement to your lover. Or to your kids! Perhaps, an invaluable friend. Or maybe to someone new each day. It’s your call. February could be a month-long celebration of committed love. Gosh, just think about that. At the very least, even if our chosen recipients don’t feel the love, we’ll have gained so much by showing it. Let me know if you take up the cause, would you? I’d LOVE to hear your ideas. We’ll keep each other motivated. (I feel like we need a powerful theme song now; with strings and tympani. Umm, I’ll work on that.)



For me, I need to make notes that are small enough to hide in various places for him to find. Not to mention, I’m not committing to a 3 hour project everyday. They need to be artsy. Prince loves getting artsy love notes, and I love making them.

I jotted down some ideas and themes, so I wasn’t straining to come up with inspiration later on. Here’s what I came up with.

  • Memories
  • Love Song Lyrics
  • Things I Love About Him
  • Bible Verses
  • A Story – spread over several days


I have a few funny things to throw in there, too. We laugh at each other a lot- one of the strengths of our relationship. And there’s plenty to joke about between us. Believe me.


Creatively speaking, I thought of some media to work in:

  • Pen and Watercolor (my fave)
  • Color Pencil
  • Sewn paper
  • Collage
  • Print


They won’t be perfect, which in a way IS perfect.

Do you have any other ideas for love notes? Did I miss anything? What about you? Will you dive in with me, even for just a few days, and sneak some warmth into someone else’s day?




  1. Jill says:

    Thanks for the great inspirational idea Mickelle, hopefully your idea will go viral for there are so many in our world that need love shown to them.

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