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Love Notes: Day 3

My plan is working.

He found his second one last night. With a half-grin he looked my way and asked, “So, what’s with the love notes?” I smiled, and continued brushing my teeth.

I finished day three, this morning. My goal is to work ahead, so I’ve begun tomorrow’s as well. I’m having SO much fun with these notes. They’re low pressure, unlike the assignments we’d get in art class, where you dive in expecting to blow your peers and prof away with your exceptional work. Yeah. Never happened.

Love notes are fun. Doodles; poorly spaced and wonky.


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All kinds of quotes and encouraging words swim through my head. There are so many things to tell him. Not all of these babies will be made with paint and fine pens. Scrap paper and a pencil from that yellow coffee mug on the kitchen counter are all I need. Yet, as soon as the thought struck to make this a “month of love notes”, a song was in my head. And it. Won’t. Stop.

He caught on; the cards together spell “love. It’s kinda hard not to notice. However, since he doesn’t know this song, much less the lyrics, there’s still a bit of mystery to the message. He’s not much into old jazz. But that’s alright. Love can overlook that. (*wink*)

Should I sing it to him? Post a youtube video of the tune to his facebook timeline? Then there’s the question of Natalie, or Nat? Hmmm.


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Have you ever been given a love note?

There was the creepy guy in my freshman English class. He wrote a letter, and it was also creepy. My junior high boyfriend penned a few, as did some flames through my young adult life. I’ve kept notes from friends- near and dear to my soul. Friends who have shown greater love than any rose-toting date could aspire to.

My Love, though. My Prince. He agonizes over what to write in birthday cards. Writing is not at all something he enjoys. So, his love notes are the most precious to me. There are not stacks of them. But they are filled with thought- every word with intention.


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Just within my own circles, I can think of scores of people who would be thrilled to get a postcard. Just for them. I’ll have to keep that on my radar. That could be some serious fun! An old fashioned card for one dear soul. Another might find a note on their windshield, or tucked into their screen door. Maybe written anonymously, yet with a message that’s clearly from someone who knows and loves them.

Have you kept any love notes you’ve received? What makes them so special?






  1. Jill says:

    I have kept almost every note and card that my daughter ever made and the cards that were special from my husband and loved ones. Yes I agree the quirky free handed ones that are originals made just for me were not he most touching and memorable. Thanks for the great example Mickelle

    • Mickelle says:

      Awww. I should photograph some of the handmade ones I’ve been given, and include them in a post. Thanks for sparking an idea!

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