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Love Notes: Day 4


Yesterday’s post got me to thinking. Not only about love notes I’ve been given, but also the handmade birthday cards, and get-well-soon cards. Quick notes, and random smiley faces somebody had scribbled down just for me. There’s something more permanent, more significant about a sentiment you can touch, than a text or e-mail that carries the same message. Don’t you think?

If you could get a kind note from anyone, who would it be? What would it say? In that quiet closet, deep within your heart, what are the words you’re most wanting to hear? I wonder that myself. I usually try to stay out of those closets; it’s too easy to get locked inside them and lose perspective. But I can’t help wondering… Perhaps there are common themes among us. 

Day four.

You might remember I got a head start yesterday. This is what I started with today.


love notes, lostuponatime.com


I was thinking blue polka dots. But I’m using paper meant to hold scrap book pages, not actual watercolor paper. (Go ahead and wince.) I wanted BIG blobs, but ended up with small blips. But, Handsome’s not going to care.


love notes, day 4


I’ve been hiding the notes, like I said. The first one was tucked into the cup he keeps his toothbrush in. The second was laying beside his deodorant. Last night, he found one in his underwear drawer. Today’s is waiting for him, right in the spot where he sets his lunchbox when he comes home from work. Tomorrow, he’ll find the next one where he takes off his boots.

He has a little pile of them, now. I might need to come up with a place for him to put them. A pile of 29 love notes, no matter how endearing, will drive me mad if I have to work around them. Tell me, what do you think? A box? A book?


love notes, lostupoatime.com


I employed a smidge of creative license with the lyrics, this time. That line up there is past tense. ‘Cause I’m his one and his only.

The blue painted polka dots made their way to this side of the paper. Can you tell?

love notes, day 4


I’m not sure yet what tomorrow’s will look like. If you have any good ideas, let me know!


Thanks for hanging out with me, Friend. Whatever words your heart longs to hear, I hope with all of mine that you hear them.



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