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Love Notes: Days 6 & 7

Hello Friends! Welcome back!

A Week’s Worth

Saturday, I turned another year older. My Handsome Prince spent the day with me, and we had a ball. But there wasn’t a chance to to put pen to paper for a love note. So, on Sunday, while he worked away in his barn, I finished out the first week’s notes. Numbers 6 and 7.


love notes, day 6&7


Have you ever doodled? Were your middle school notebooks filled with drawings of unicorns or dragons in the margins? Perhaps the name of your crush filled in the spaces between algebra problems.

Just a few years ago, while browsing through a local Home Depot, my eyes locked on an orange apron that was loaded with personality. I love that! I couldn’t NOT say anything to the gal wearing it. Clearly, we were kindred spirits. She introduced me to Zentangle.  Kinda life changing, really. Ok, so it won’t unlock the secrets of your soul, but it is pretty cool.

I only dabble in it, as you can see above. Oh my, there are some AMAZING artists that work primarily in Zentangle. Just take a peek at this Etsy search!


love notes, lostuponatime.com


That line up there? That worried Prince Charming. It bothers him that I think he might break my heart – at least he thinks that’s what I’m saying. Since he doesn’t know the song I’m referencing, I’m thinking of putting together a little slideshow for him. Music supplied by Nat, of course. I do love Natalie, but King Cole is just hard to beat.


love notes, lostuponatime.com


This week, the love notes will be less fancy and more substantial in meaning. At least, that’s what I’m thinking right now. I’m finally feeling well enough to head down to the shop and get back to building. And I’m pretty darn excited about it!


love notes, by lostuponatime.com


This project has me more in tune to what my Handsome Prince is communicating. The little signals that I shrug off. Those ways he tells me he’s flailing, or unsure. Interests he wishes I would join him in. We’re comfortable with each other now. I can tell what he’s thinking just by the way he breathes. But this is where it gets dangerous- in any relationship. That intersection of comfort and complacency.

So, I’m lengthening my antennae. I’m tweaking the dials and listening more than I did just a week ago.

Until next time, Friends.


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