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Love notes: on the fifth day

Work boots.

Redwings. He wears them every day. Well, except to church on Sundays. They’re well worn; molded to his feet. He has a winter pair and a summer pair. There’s an old “junk” pair included in the rotation somewhere. I can never keep straight which is which.

He lives his life in these boots. Fairy tale princes may ride in on brilliant white steeds and clad in shining armor, but mine pulls his half-ton pick up into our dirt drive way and hops out dressed in torn jeans and steel-toes.

Today’s love note sits inside one of those pairs of boots.

love notes lostuponatime.com


Today has been loaded with the unexpected. I wasn’t even sure I’d get it done. But done it is- ready and waiting. I’ve only just finished! So much for starting on tomorrow’s.



Love front


Yesterday, I mentioned not being sure how I was going to do these next few. There were several possibilities running around in my brain, but this seemed simple and doable. Yet, I’m not sure it really works. Oh, well.


love notes lostupoatime.com


love notes lostuponatime.com


Where ever your shoes (or boots) may take you this weekend, my hope is that your hearts are encouraged. And that the eyes of your souls, our souls, can see the love others give to us, as well as recognize those who need our love. That’s easy to miss, isn’t it?


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