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Our Budget Bathroom Makeover, Part 4

Part 4. Wow- I thought I’d have this one in the bag long ago. You too, huh? Thanks for hanging in there with me! If you’ve followed along this far through our mini bathroom makeover adventure (click here for part one, or here for part 2, and part 3 is here), you might be wondering if we have a floor anymore. Yes. Yes we do.

Our budget bathroom makeover, part 4

In fact, those vinyl planks have stayed put, without incident whatsoever. Given the disaster that took place before they were installed, I’m really shocked. And impressed- they’re high quality! (Sadly, though, there are no markings on the box or planks as to what brand they are. Let me dig into that a little more. I’ll update this space when I know what name to give a shoutout to!) None of the corners are coming up, and they are not sliding around at all. If you look closely, you can see where I had tried floating the floor (and failed). While feet can feel minor indentations, it’s not really a big deal.

teeny budget bathroom makeover, part 4

Since my Handsome Prince took that fateful trip, he has since taken several more- leaving me with the tools. This is big, guys. So, the next time he headed out, I tackled the trim. It baaaaaadly needed updating. I borrowed a friend’s miter saw and bought some 1×3’s. I had never done trim before, so of course my plans changed as I went along. In some places, there was no trim originally. For instance, along the tub, the previous owner had installed a door weatherstrip upside down, to cover a gap between the tub and floor. It was a creative application, to be sure.

budget bathroom makeover, part 4

Like every DIY project, doing the trim was an education. When I bought my board, I inspected them for straightness, not knots or pits. See that weird hole in the collage above? (bottom right photo) Yeah… that was my fault. Another issue was that our walls are wavy in several key spots. As a result, there are mismatched corners and gaps that make me cringe every time I look at them. But no one else even knows they’re there. (See above for awkward gaps. Go ahead, cringe.) And really, in the big scheme of things, it’s small potatoes.

Once The Man had collected enough pallets, it was time for the wall. I knew this would tie all the other elements together. It has made such a drastic impact! When entering our home from the front door, this is directly ahead- the first part of our home you see. (Yeah, I know..  the bathroom?!) Well, it had to be a stunner. And it is. (Booya!!!)

teeny budget bathroom makeoverI’m glad to inform you that it does look far better in real life, without the garish yellow tint. The lighting is still bad, however.

My regrets include not waiting to do the plank wall before the trim. That would have avoided some goofy gaps. It may seem like an obvious choice, but I knew there would be months, MONTHS, before the plank wall could go up. However, I could do the trim much sooner; and I could just leave space for the plank wall. (Yeah, we were good til that point.) Also, I should have painted that wall a dark brown or grey before adding the wood. I had to touch up gaps between planks with craft paint to hide the orange underneath. (There’s a spot at the ceiling I TOTALLY missed. )Additionally, I trimmed out the window just before adding the planks. And, I did it wrong. I should have worked from the inside out on that one. (Oh well. I’ll get some slats in there, fill all the holes and paint. Hopefully it won’t look too dorky.)

So all in all, I came pretty close to what I wanted- and with very little spent. The pallets were free. The trim, was not; however, I re-used some of the cove molding we’d removed from another room. The paint I had already. I borrowed the compressor and nail gun for much of the work. (Thanks Dad-in-law!) I was under $150 for the room at this point. I even went to the dollar store and bought a couple soap dispensers and hand towels for accessories.

Here’s where we are now. I’m still using the old shower curtain. I’d love to get this one, and bring in some of the morrocan/ mosaic feel like my inspiration picture. This design pulls in the colors I’m using and yet isn’t overpowering. Although, I’m not 100% sold on it.

One of my favorite discoveries at WorldMarket.com: Watercolor Ogee Shower Curtain- want this for our main bath

Watercolor Ogee Shower Curtain - v2

Our bathroom’s lighting is horrible. HORRIBLE! I love the shape of the lights we have, but they’re just too insufficient. My wiring options (read: skills) are limited here, so I’m still working on a good solution. Below is what we currently have.

budget bathroom makeover(I at least coulda cleaned ’em or somethin’! Sheesh!)

I’ve got my eyes on several inspiring ideas. My best experiences with lighting “upgrades” have been finding an old castoff with a nice shape. (‘Cause anything can be painted.) Although, I am tempted to build something unique this time. I’ll keep you posted.

Now for the mirror and back splash- I’m toying with my options. I’d like to bring in more blues and other colors to help tone down the orange. (Can you tell it’s overpowering?) I definitely want to include more storage, as in this inspiration picture. Perhaps I should put medicine cabinets behind the mirrors? A tile backsplash? Something mosaic-ish? Hmmm…..

As for the counter top, a friend turned me on to this product.


Easy application, beautiful result, and it would both keep with my rustic feel and tone down the heat of the walls. What do you think?

Reclaimed Wood — A Hot Trend & 15 Fabulous Ideas For Using It

What should I do for sinks? Maybe find some pails like this?

DIY: Galvanized Bucket as Bathroom Sink : Remodelista http://remodelista.com/posts/diy-galvanized-bucket-as-bathroom-sink#

I’m not really thrilled with the table I built. It’s too matchy-matchy, clunky, and doesn’t offer the storage I hoped for. I’m looking for a better solution. Here’s what I made from old wood from our deck and scrap wood pile. (By now you know I’m dweeb when it comes to photography, right? This should remove all doubt.)
budget bathroom makeover


One day, we’ll have to repair this bathroom’s damaged plaster walls, upgrade the electrical, replace the floor and the window. And if we’re gutting that much of it- well, we’ll start from scratch. In the meantime, it’s a great learning experience in both DIY and how design ideas actually play out. Oh! And in reading labels! Lest we forget…

Do you have any ideas? Anything you wish you could do differently with a room? Do tell!



    • Mickelle says:

      Hey! Thanks SO much! Totally a work in progress. I’m so glad you were inspired, Karen! You’re pretty darn amazing- so your compliment means a TON. I’ve learned quite a bit from what I’ve read on your site. You know your stuff, Lady.

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