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Sticky Hope

I quit my job yesterday. A job I loved. This tired body just can’t do it anymore. I don’t have to tell you how devastating that is. We seem to be wading through the Swamp of Bad News lately. It’s too foggy to see an end right now, and we’re tired. But I know we’ll find the other side. We will- it’s there.

And how are you? Is it sunshine and roses in your neighborhood? Your friends and family- are they well?

My husband and I have seen too many of those we love face overwhelming hardships. The kind of blows that make even breathing more than one can bear. We all find ourselves flat on our backs, breathless and bewildered, just wanting the suffering to end.

You’ve been there. You know others who have as well. That kind of pain knows no words.

Tomorrow is Easter. Maybe that means egg hunts and chocolate bunnies to you. Maybe it means hats, new dresses and church. Or maybe you’re like me, and to you it means hope. Hope that does not disappoint. The knowledge that death is defeated. The anticipation that the hurting here will not last forever. And it will NOT win.

I have hope in Jesus. The same Jesus that promised our lives would really suck at times. The One who made it clear that EVERYBODY has horrid pain in their lives- Jesus-freak or not, and that following Him doesn’t make one exempt. He’s the Jesus who brings life out of death, beauty from ashes and turns our grief into rejoicing. I heard someone say once that “He’s the only One who can squeeze a rotten egg, and make drops of gold come out.”

I saw this music video the other day. I know the song- I sing it all the time. But to see it – Wow. It struck me at the core, I have to say.

I lift up my eyes to the hills.
    From where does my help come?
 My help comes from the Lord,
    who made heaven and earth.

Psalm 121: 1-2

Be filled with hope that sticks, my Friend.



  1. Mickelle, beautifully written as always. I’m sorry for your troubles. Thank you for sharing them because they’re real. How wonderful to know that we have Someone who is right in the middle of them with us!

    • Mickelle says:

      Thank you, Marie. Yes it is such a comfort to know we’re not alone, and that all the hardship was promised long ago. I find such hope in knowing our every moment has purpose. (And also in knowing that “this too shall pass.”) As always- so good to hear from you!

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