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girl holding sparkler

Glow-Stick Girl

There was a storm that day. I remember it well. It seemed to come out of nowhere, just south of Wayland, near Martin. There was sun and then darkness. Furiously, it ripped out trees and damaged rooftops. There was a rage in the wind. And then, as suddenly as it hit, it was gone. The sun shone. The wet grass and pavement scented the air. People came out to asses the damage. Posts popped up on Facebook.

I’ve often wondered if He was displaying His rage, His sorrow. If He was responding to the evil that took you. Most of us still didn’t know you were gone when the hail came down that afternoon. And honestly, Kass, it feels like the storm is still raging, though invisibly now. It’s hard to hold onto that faint truth that evil hasn’t won. Because it sure looks like it did. Read more…