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small boat adrift at sea in sunset

When Quitting is Winning

My best friend made a comment that wouldn’t leave me alone. She’s a deep rooted soul, and sharply discerning. I swear she can see straight through to the core of anyone. It could be creepy; in fact, it is to some. But she’s also honest. And I love that about her. I’ve never felt like I have to pretend to be anything but my raw and quirky self, and that’s exactly who she wants me to be. We’re real and honest and pretty goofy together.

So when she drops a truth bomb in my lap, I pay attention. I may pout about it, but I do pay attention. Read more…

storm clouds rolling in over the ocean

Sticky Hope

I quit my job yesterday. A job I loved.┬áThis tired body just can’t do it anymore. I don’t have to tell you how devastating that is. We seem to be wading through the Swamp of Bad News lately. It’s too foggy to see an end right now, and we’re tired. But I know we’ll find the other side. We will- it’s there.

And how are you? Is it sunshine and roses in your neighborhood? Your friends and family- are they well? Read more…