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7 Love Letter Ideas on lostuponatime.com

7 Prompts For Love Notes

Love notes are always nice, aren’t they? Fun to give, fun to receive- whether they are shared between lovers or friends. A simple “I love you”, or “you’re such a great friend” is hard to beat. It sure gets the point across. But a creative, personalized message is often more meaningful. If you’ve toyed with the idea of penning a sentiment of your own, but found yourself stuck on what to say, this post if for you.


7 Themes for Writing Love Notes on lostuponatime.com Read more…


Two Minutes to Awesome

Roses, chocolates, and lace are everywhere right now. Just about any doodad you can think of bears the words “I Love You” or “Be Mine”, and sits on a store shelf ready for purchase. While it’s nice to be on the receiving end of one of those heart shaped candy boxes, all of that marketing can make the big holiday of love feel cheap. But, there are some creative and meaningful alternatives out there.

A friend of mine once told me Valentine’s Day was her favorite holiday. (Seriously? Who says that?) She makes valentines and sends them out to different people every year. For her, its not about romance. It’s about celebrating love; the kind that sustains all kinds of relationships.

That’s pretty inspiring. Read more…

love note revolution lostuponatime.com

Love Notes: a heartfelt revolution

Love Notes.

The (re)start of something great.

Handsome Prince and I have never been much for Valentine’s Day. In all honesty, I think it’s because I’ve long hated the idea. A holiday so full of obligations and expectations (on the heels of Christmas) – there’s not really much about love at all. But real love, genuine love, SHOULD be celebrated. With gusto! Read more…

man and woman jumping off dock into water

Building Marriage Simply: when you’re overwhelmed

We are as different as could be. He loves to wreck things, I love to make things. He’s mindful of details, but I’m a big picture kind of gal. He’s a metal head. Metal all the way. He can hear a snippet of a guitar solo and tell you who’s playing, what album it’s from and where he was when he first heard it. Me? I love all kinds of music, especially old jazz and swing. Those jives speak to my soul. I’m comfortable with a microphone in my face, being on stage. He, on the other hand, would rather die painfully.

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